Thursday, February 16, 2012

So Excited!!!! Our first Feature Article about Easy Rock Guitars & Music!

Orion Deezul & Lisa Michelle, Owners of Easy Rock Guitars & Music

Take a look at our very first feature article written all about us!!!  We are so excited for our big Grand Opening Preview Event this weekend!

Read the article and let us know what you think!!!  Can't wait to see everyone this weekend!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Real Musicians Shop at Easy Rock Guitars & Music!

Joni Villota, Guitarist and Customer of Easy Rock Guitars & Music
We had such a blast last night with Joni Villota!  She came by Easy Rock Guitars and Music last night and bought a new custom-designed guitar!  It was such fun meeting her....Joni has been playing guitar for over 14 years and is studying Classical Guitar as well.  She came by and demo'd one of our acoustics and it was so great hearing someone play our guitars that really knew how to play!!!  She sounded great and we knew right away that she must know how to play in real life!  It was really a fun night, because Joni asked for a special custom-designed guitar and Orion was able to put it together right on the spot for her.  She loved it...but best of sounds amazing!

But the great thing about the Easy Rock Guitars is that you don't have to know how to play the guitar to be a Rock Star!  These guitars play real music and everyone can play them.

Come by and see us at the Main Store located in DaVinci.  Simply click on the link below then click on the Visit InWorld Store link to find us!

And thank-you Joni!!!  Can't wait to come and hear you perform in Second Life!!  Keep us posted...

Joni Villota with her new custom-designed guitar from Easy Rock Guitars and Music

Orion Deezul with customer and Musician Joni Villota

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Super Busy Weekend!

Orion Deezul, President & Lead Designer, Easy Rock Guitars & Music

Orion has been working really hard this weekend getting ready for the big Grand Opening Event.  Great news today!  We now have a Bass Guitar ready and available to demo and purchase!  The sound is so amazing, you have to hear it to believe it.  Plus, now that we have electric models and bass models, plus drums you can get all your friends together and have a real band in SL!  The sounds of all the instruments sound so great together.  They really blend and you can make your own music with these instruments!

Keep in touch with us, because we will be having all kinds of upcoming events including great contests!  Come on out to Easy Rock Guitars and Music and start practicing for free on all of our instruments.  Best quality and best instrumental experience in Second Life!  Guaranteed!

To visit us inworld, just login to Second Life, click on the link above and then click on the Inworld Store link.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Special Message from the creator of Easy Rock Guitars

Orion Deezul, President and Founder of Easy Rock Guitars & Music

The best thing about Second Life is that you can do anything. As soon as I realized that, the very first thing I bought for myself was a guitar because I've always had this secret dream of becoming a rockstar!  And I have always wanted to play the guitar. But in real life there is this thing called reality and in my case reality means I'll never have the time to practice. So when I found out that you could get a virtual guitar in Second Life I was all over it!   So I bought the coolest looking guitar I could find, it was a beautiful replica of a stratocaster,  it had fantastic menu driven animations, and it had sound, with a bunch of cool guitar riffs loaded into it......I loved it at first until I realized something about the guitar that I had and every other guitar I bought--- they were toys.  Beautiful and mildly fun but ultimately soulless.  I couldn't even play a simple song - I couldn't create music, no one noticed me.  I was just background.
You can't be a rockstar when you're the guy in the background playing with a toy.
I came to SL already knowing how to program in python ( the best programming language on the planet ) , so learning linden scripting language was relatively easy. As soon as I had the skills, the very first thing I started working on was a guitar, a real virtual instrument that I could play my favorite songs with or even write my own music
Easy Rock Guitars are not toys.... They are virtual instruments, and there is a big difference. You listen to music when you play with a toy, you make music when you play a virtual instrument.
As I finalize the version 3 sound engine for Easy Rock Guitars, I look back at how far the engine has come and how far it can go.
I created Easy Rock Guitars because I was disappointed with the guitars that I was buying!  Come to our main store and try out our guitars for yourself.  I know you won't be disappointed.  Look for me online in SL...

Thank you!


Find us through the marketplace, then click to visit Inworld Store, when logged into Second Life.

We Have Customers!!!

Monkey and Me!
People are finding us!!!!  We had a really fun customer today...MonkeyHockeyPockey came out to the store today and we had a blast playing drums and guitars!  Then he snapped this photo of us and sent it to me.  We had a great time.  Can't wait until our big opening when all the stages will be full and everyone is gonna be having a great time!!!

Come see us at Easy Rock Guitars and Music!!

This Stage is Sick!!!

Orion on stage at Easy Rock Guitars & Music

The new store is so hot!!!  Can't wait for everyone to see the new stages.  Orion is trying this one out...
Come on out now and visit us at Easy Rock Guitars & Music.  People can come out and demo the guitars for free.  But most of all, it is a great place to hang out!  We even have a fireworks show going on...check it out!

You can teleport to the store from the SL Marketplace...

Amazing Night!!

Orion Deezul testing out the new stage at Easy Rock Guitars & Music excited!!!  What a fantastic day!  Here is a snapshot of Orion testing out one of the new stages.  Today we got the stages built and installed in the new store....can't believe how amazing the store looks now.  We are officially open for business now..but we will be having our big Grand Opening bash in just a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, beat the rush and come and take a look around. It really is incredible!  A fantastic place to come and bring your friends and jam all night long on real stages! I can't wait for our is gonna rock!

You can find us by logging into Second Life, then going to our marketplace page and clicking Inworld Store...

Here's the link to the marketplace:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Look at the New Store!!!!!

Our new Easy Rock Guitars and Music Store is amazing!!!  Just look at it from above!!!  Orion made it look just like a guitar!  There are so many surprises here.  You can actually walk through the strings and hear the guitar play!  Plus, just jump down the sound hole and you will be transported directly to the second level of the store where you can find all kinds of stages and sound booths to demo the guitars and hang out with your friends!  Plus the jump down the sound hole is sooooo much fun!!!  Such a surprise, too!

Come see us!! The shop is open now!  Just copy and paste this link into your browser when you are logged into Second Life:

You've got to see this place!!  So much fun!