Monday, February 13, 2012

Real Musicians Shop at Easy Rock Guitars & Music!

Joni Villota, Guitarist and Customer of Easy Rock Guitars & Music
We had such a blast last night with Joni Villota!  She came by Easy Rock Guitars and Music last night and bought a new custom-designed guitar!  It was such fun meeting her....Joni has been playing guitar for over 14 years and is studying Classical Guitar as well.  She came by and demo'd one of our acoustics and it was so great hearing someone play our guitars that really knew how to play!!!  She sounded great and we knew right away that she must know how to play in real life!  It was really a fun night, because Joni asked for a special custom-designed guitar and Orion was able to put it together right on the spot for her.  She loved it...but best of sounds amazing!

But the great thing about the Easy Rock Guitars is that you don't have to know how to play the guitar to be a Rock Star!  These guitars play real music and everyone can play them.

Come by and see us at the Main Store located in DaVinci.  Simply click on the link below then click on the Visit InWorld Store link to find us!

And thank-you Joni!!!  Can't wait to come and hear you perform in Second Life!!  Keep us posted...

Joni Villota with her new custom-designed guitar from Easy Rock Guitars and Music

Orion Deezul with customer and Musician Joni Villota

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