Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 Christmas Guitar Special Edition is Here

Orion Deezul from Easy Rock Music with the new Christmas 2012 Guitar Package
Happy Christmas!!!
Can't believe that the year is almost over!!!  We have been so busy at Easy Rock!  Our Christmas 2012 Guitars are here!!!  You will not believe these guitars...Orion Deezul has been super busy completely upgrading the sound engine's in this guitar!  This Acoustic guitar is an all mesh design and sounds absolutely incredible!  These are still the only guitars in any virtual world that allow your avatar to play real music...just by using your keyboard.  We have had a professional musician record every guitar note in every fret so the songs sound absolutely amazing! 
Included in the new Christmas Guitar are 17 pre-loaded traditional Christmas songs.  They really sound so beautiful!  We can't wait for you to hear it!  Here is a list of songs that are already included with the Christmas Guitar:
-Silver Bells
-O Come All Ye Faithful
-We Wish You a Merry Christmas
-Santa Claus is Coming to Town
-Winter Wonderland
-Silent Night
-Let it Snow
-Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
-Deck the Halls
-Auld Lang Syne
-Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
-Frosty the Snowman
-Carol of the Bells
-Joy to the World
-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
-The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
Plus, we are giving back this holiday season!  A portion of every guitar sold will be donated to our favorite charity for the holidays!
Check out the Christmas Guitar on our SL Marketplace...or you can come try it yourself in world at our Main Store!
Here is the marketplace link:
Once there...just click on "See Us In Second Life" link to go directly to the Easy Rock Guitars and Music main store.  You can demo the Christmas guitar anytime!!
Can't wait to see you!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HighTimes Rockin the Stage at Easy Rock!!

HighTimes42028 on stage at Easy Rock Guitars & Music

It's don't have to be a musician to play like a Rock Star with an Easy Rock Guitar....
But we LOVE it when real musicians come by and play for us!!  Hightimes recently hung out with us at Easy Rock Guitars and Music and bought a new Infernal Electric Guitar!!  It was so great meeting him!  Real musicians love to shop at Easy Rock Guitars & Music, but remember, you don't have to be a real musician to make great music with these guitars!  Come on by and we will show you why you should be a RockStar!!!!

It was great meeting you HighTimes!!!  Come and play on the stages with us anytime!!

HighTimes42028 getting ready to take the stage at Easy Rock!
Just message us on Facebook or IM us in world and let us show you the only guitars in SL that your avatar can really play real music on!!!

Can't wait to see you!!  Just click on the link below to visit us at the Main Store...

See you soon!!!

LisaMichelle1 & Orion Deezul

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Easy Rock Is Opening a New Location!!!!

Orion Deezul playing at our newest location!
Easy Rock Guitars & Music is opening a brand new satellite location!  This is a really fantastic spot in SL!  It is a perfect 2 story shop with a great selection of guitars and drums on the first floor and then upstairs there is a play room where you can come and put on some impromptu performances for your friends!  This place has such a great vibe and is such a comfortable area to come out and jam with your friends... 

Plus, we are SO CLOSE to launching our brand new Acoustic Guitar!!!  Our new guitar is absolutely amazing!  If you already know how to play the guitar, then you will love this version!!  And if you can't play, this guitar will allow your avatar to play the guitar and sound like a pro!  You can make real music and play real, recognizable songs!  Can't wait to show everyone at our huge launch party coming soon!  Watch Facebook and the blog for more information!!

In the meantime, here are some pics of our new location!  I will send out the SLurl just as soon as we are open for business!!  Can't wait to see everyone soon!

Orion Deezul performs for Jazz Glineaux and Lisa Michelle at the new location!

Orion Deezul, Owner & Lead Designer of Easy Rock Guitars & Music

In the meantime....come out and visit us anytime at our Main Store!

Message us anytime on Facebook and let us know you're coming!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Amazing New Guitars--Coming soon!!!

Orion Deezul, President & Lead Designer of Easy Rock Music Working on the new guitar
Fantastic News!!!  We are just days away from the release of the most amazing guitar version yet!  You really will not believe how great this guitar will blow you away!!  Can't wait to give you more details!!!

You will have to see it and hear it to believe it!  This is a real virtual instrument that your avatar can play and make REAL music!   We are so excited for people to try out that new guitars at Easy Rock Guitars and Music!  With these guitars, you can lead the rock star lifestyle you always wanted!!!

We will send out an update as soon as the new guitars are available!  Until then, come out and see us at Easy Rock Guitars & Music....just click on the link below and we will see you soon!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jason Heron Visits Easy Rock Guitars & Music!

Jason Heron at Easy Rock Guitars & Music
Take a look at our friend, Jason checking out the Easy Rock Infernal Electric Guitar the other night!!  He was such a natural!!!  The great thing about our guitars is that your avatar can really play REAL music!!  So much fun!!  Don't worry if you don't know how to play the guitar in RL....these guitars are amazing.  You can become the Rock Star you should be!

We love it when our friends come out to Easy Rock Guitars & Music!  Next time you are in world just send us an IM to LisaMichelle1 or Orion Deezul and we would love to come out and hang out with you!

Jason Heron & LisaMichelle1 at Easy Rock Guitars & Music
So, come on out to Easy Rock....just click the link below:

Can't wait to see you soon!!  And when you get to Easy Rock Guitars & Music, be sure and jump down the guitar sound hole in the middle of the are in for the ride of your life!  hahahaha

See you soon!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Rock Star Shadow Dragon07 Visits Easy Rock

Shadow Dragon07 at Easy Rock Guitars & Music

Take a look at our latest Rock Star, Shadow Dragon07!  He stopped by Easy Rock Guitars and Music on Sunday night to check out the guitars!  He loves the Easy Rock Guitars and that they play just like the real thing!  He plays the guitar in RL too and is just starting out his music career in Second Life!  Easy Rock Guitars are the only guitars in SL that play real music for real musicians!  But you don't have to even know how to play the guitar to still sound great playing Easy Rock Guitars!  Come and check them out for yourself!

LisaMichelle1 and Shadow Dragon07 rocking out at Easy Rock!!
We had such a fun night, playing all the guitars!  We even rocked out on stage for a bit!  So much fun!
Later, Shadow Dragon07 even slayed the drums!!!!  Take a look....

Shadow Dragon07 showing off his mad drum skills!

Shadow Dragon07 at Easy Rock Guitars and Music
What a fun night!!!  Come on out to Easy Rock Guitars and Music and become the Rock Star you Should Be!!!  Find us in world at:

Can't wait to see you at Easy Rock!  If you are online and want to meet us, just send us an IM to LisaMichelle1.....

See you soon!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rockin out at Mont St. Michel!!!

LisaMichelle playing Easy Rock Bass Guitar at Mont St. Michel in SL

Hey Everyone!  I had a really great weekend...visited Mont St. Michel in SL...omg...I love this place!  It is so beautiful.  I brought my guitars and played a little in one of the towers there.  Here I am rocking out on the Bass guitar....I love this guitar.  Everyone that plays it has to have it!  Come out to our Main Store and try it out for yourself!!

Here's another pic....look at how beautiful this place is....You've really got to take a trip out here!  Plus, everyone speaks French!  Yay!

LisaMichelle on the Bass Guitar at Mont St. Michel
The scenery here is they have the cutest little shops in town.  I can't wait to come back here and visit!  I think it would be beautiful by boat, too!  Now if only I knew someone with a boat!!!  Anyway...I slowed gears a bit and decided to play my acoustic guitar too!  Here's a pic with me playing our Wild Sunset Acoustic Guitar....

LisaMichelle playing the Wild Sunset Acoustic Guitar

Come visit us at Easy Rock Guitars and Music in SL.  I can't wait to meet you at the Main Store!  Or, you can visit us at our locations at Cr0nic Rock Club or find our acoustics at G & F Romantic Isles.  Just come to the Main store and from there we have landmarks to our other locations!

If you are online in SL...look me up!  

Here is the SLurl for our Main Store:

See you all soon!!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Pics of Gaspare Alectoris Performing at Easy Rock!

DJ Gaspare Alectoris Perfroming at Easy Rock Guitars & Music
Here is another shot of Gaspare Alectoris on stage singing at Easy Rock Guitars & Music.  Everyone had such a great time and we can't wait to have Gaspare back!  Come out to Easy Rock Guitars and Music and try out all of our instruments!  We have Drums, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitars.  Plus we have 4 great stages to perform live!  You can play all the instruments on stage for free at Easy Rock!  Or, if you just want to sing and let someone else back you up on the guitar, come on out!

People arriving to hear Gaspare Alectoris perform at Easy Rock Guitars & Music

Come and check us out!  Just click on the SLurl below to find us!

You will be teleported to the Main Floor of the Main Store.  From there, just jump down the sound hole of the big guitar and take the rid of your life downstairs to the main stages!

See you soon!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gaspare Alectoris Sings at Easy Rock!!!

Gaspare Alectoris & Lisa Michelle on stage at Easy Rock Guitars & Music
Who knew that one of the greatest DJ's in Second Life and in RL could sing???  Well we all got to listen to Gaspare give a great concert at Easy Rock Guitars and Music the other weekend.  He loves to sing and I got the chance to back him up on the guitar!!  Watch for Facebook posts so that you can come to Gaspare's next show!  We had a blast!

Come and visit us at Easy Rock Guitars and Music.  When you teleport here, just jump down the sound hole of the guitar on the main floor and you will take a wild ride downstairs to the stage area.  It is so much fun.  And the best part is that you can take out the demo guitars and play as long as you would like for free.  All of the instruments will work as long as you are at Easy Rock!  Bring your friends and party like a Rock Star at Easy Rock Guitars and Music!!!

See you soon!

Here is the SLurl link to find us at the Main Store...