Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Special Message from the creator of Easy Rock Guitars

Orion Deezul, President and Founder of Easy Rock Guitars & Music

The best thing about Second Life is that you can do anything. As soon as I realized that, the very first thing I bought for myself was a guitar because I've always had this secret dream of becoming a rockstar!  And I have always wanted to play the guitar. But in real life there is this thing called reality and in my case reality means I'll never have the time to practice. So when I found out that you could get a virtual guitar in Second Life I was all over it!   So I bought the coolest looking guitar I could find, it was a beautiful replica of a stratocaster,  it had fantastic menu driven animations, and it had sound, with a bunch of cool guitar riffs loaded into it......I loved it at first until I realized something about the guitar that I had and every other guitar I bought--- they were toys.  Beautiful and mildly fun but ultimately soulless.  I couldn't even play a simple song - I couldn't create music, no one noticed me.  I was just background.
You can't be a rockstar when you're the guy in the background playing with a toy.
I came to SL already knowing how to program in python ( the best programming language on the planet ) , so learning linden scripting language was relatively easy. As soon as I had the skills, the very first thing I started working on was a guitar, a real virtual instrument that I could play my favorite songs with or even write my own music
Easy Rock Guitars are not toys.... They are virtual instruments, and there is a big difference. You listen to music when you play with a toy, you make music when you play a virtual instrument.
As I finalize the version 3 sound engine for Easy Rock Guitars, I look back at how far the engine has come and how far it can go.
I created Easy Rock Guitars because I was disappointed with the guitars that I was buying!  Come to our main store and try out our guitars for yourself.  I know you won't be disappointed.  Look for me online in SL...

Thank you!


Find us through the marketplace, then click to visit Inworld Store, when logged into Second Life.

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