Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rockin out at Mont St. Michel!!!

LisaMichelle playing Easy Rock Bass Guitar at Mont St. Michel in SL

Hey Everyone!  I had a really great weekend...visited Mont St. Michel in SL...omg...I love this place!  It is so beautiful.  I brought my guitars and played a little in one of the towers there.  Here I am rocking out on the Bass guitar....I love this guitar.  Everyone that plays it has to have it!  Come out to our Main Store and try it out for yourself!!

Here's another pic....look at how beautiful this place is....You've really got to take a trip out here!  Plus, everyone speaks French!  Yay!

LisaMichelle on the Bass Guitar at Mont St. Michel
The scenery here is they have the cutest little shops in town.  I can't wait to come back here and visit!  I think it would be beautiful by boat, too!  Now if only I knew someone with a boat!!!  Anyway...I slowed gears a bit and decided to play my acoustic guitar too!  Here's a pic with me playing our Wild Sunset Acoustic Guitar....

LisaMichelle playing the Wild Sunset Acoustic Guitar

Come visit us at Easy Rock Guitars and Music in SL.  I can't wait to meet you at the Main Store!  Or, you can visit us at our locations at Cr0nic Rock Club or find our acoustics at G & F Romantic Isles.  Just come to the Main store and from there we have landmarks to our other locations!

If you are online in SL...look me up!  

Here is the SLurl for our Main Store:

See you all soon!!


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