Monday, April 30, 2012

Rock Star Shadow Dragon07 Visits Easy Rock

Shadow Dragon07 at Easy Rock Guitars & Music

Take a look at our latest Rock Star, Shadow Dragon07!  He stopped by Easy Rock Guitars and Music on Sunday night to check out the guitars!  He loves the Easy Rock Guitars and that they play just like the real thing!  He plays the guitar in RL too and is just starting out his music career in Second Life!  Easy Rock Guitars are the only guitars in SL that play real music for real musicians!  But you don't have to even know how to play the guitar to still sound great playing Easy Rock Guitars!  Come and check them out for yourself!

LisaMichelle1 and Shadow Dragon07 rocking out at Easy Rock!!
We had such a fun night, playing all the guitars!  We even rocked out on stage for a bit!  So much fun!
Later, Shadow Dragon07 even slayed the drums!!!!  Take a look....

Shadow Dragon07 showing off his mad drum skills!

Shadow Dragon07 at Easy Rock Guitars and Music
What a fun night!!!  Come on out to Easy Rock Guitars and Music and become the Rock Star you Should Be!!!  Find us in world at:

Can't wait to see you at Easy Rock!  If you are online and want to meet us, just send us an IM to LisaMichelle1.....

See you soon!

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