Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Playing Real Music

Lisa & Orion from Easy Rock Guitars & Music
Ok, so it's been a bit since I've posted!!!  hahahaha.....We have been soooo busy at Easy Rock!  More and more people are finding us and I'm having such a great time meeting new people that love live music!  I've been taking photos of our customers and I'm gonna start posting them soon!  So come by, say hello and let me take your photo playing one of our guitars!  And while you are here, please check out the new bass guitar!  It is amazing!  Everyone that plays it absolutely loves it.  Plus, I know this isn't about the music, but on the bass guitar, when you press Shift A, the texture on the guitar changes!  Ha!  I love it!
Come see us!  We have three locations now!!!!  Our Main Store, one at Cronic Rock Club (which is so much fun, by the way) and a really romantic Acoustic store at G & F Romantic Isles.  Just come to the Main Store and there are LM givers for our other locations!

Just click on the link above to go to our SL the Visit Inworld Store link to get to our Main store!!

See you soon!


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