Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marggie Rocking Our World!

Marggie Shaw, Easy Rock Guitars & Music Customer
We love our customers!!  Here is a photo of Marggie Shaw, who purchased one of my favorite acoustic guitars!  She stopped by our location at the beautiful G & F Romantic Isles!  This place is so amazing!  It's a great place to visit with someone you love, for sure!  We sell a special limited edition heart shaped guitar only at this location!

G&F  ROMANTIC ISLES, Arp (159, 104, 22)

Orion Deezul and Marggie Shaw playing together at our G & F Romantic Isles location

Orion had a great time meeting Marggie and showing her how to play the guitar!  She was a quick learner and was playing a song in no time!!

Come on by and try out all of our instruments for free!  And visit us at the Main Store in Da Vinci to play on stage and be a real Rock Star!

Thanks Marggie!!!!!  Hope you enjoy your guitar!

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