Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Introducing the NEW Easy Rock Guitar System!!

Ikembe Kaylepsoh Bury visits Easy Rock Guitars & Music

Easy Rock Guitars and Music just launched their revolutionary new line of Easy Play Guitars!  Easy Rock Guitars are still the only guitars in any virtual world that allow your avatar to play real music....but now Easy Rock has developed a new guitar strap controller system that makes playing real guitar music possible in Second Life!
Ikembe stopped into Easy Rock's Flagship Store located in Easy Rock Mall and demo'd the guitar systems!  How does it work???  You simply wear the high-tech guitar controller strap, wear the guitar...acoustic or electric....the system comes with both!!  Then, it is as simple as pressing a button on the guitar strap!  A menu pops up and you just choose the song you want.  Then your avatar can actually play the song as you tap out the notes using the arrow keys on your keyboard.  You don't even have to know how to play the guitar in real life....the right note on the guitar will play as you tap the arrow keys in time to the tempo of the songs!!  But here is the best can load up to 200 songs in the guitar strap controller! 

Ikembe finding her favorite guitar...the Dark Star

Ikembe visits Easy Rock Records to load new songs into her Easy Rock Guitar!!

So How Do You Get the Songs???

Once Ikembe picked out her guitar, she headed over to Easy Rock Records and loaded up all the songs she wanted into her guitar!  It takes just a minute and you can load the songs into your guitar strap controller and choose from great electric guitar songs, distorted electric and even acoustic guitar songs.  Plus here is the great news.....wait for it....the songs are FREE!!!  Load up as many as you like!!  Plus, we add new songs to the record store weekly! 
Ikembe....Rock Star!!

Once Ikembe loaded up her guitar at Easy Rock Records, she headed up to the live stages to perform! 
You should be a Rock Star can with Easy Rock Guitars and Music....
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