Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HighTimes Rockin the Stage at Easy Rock!!

HighTimes42028 on stage at Easy Rock Guitars & Music

It's true...you don't have to be a musician to play like a Rock Star with an Easy Rock Guitar....
But we LOVE it when real musicians come by and play for us!!  Hightimes recently hung out with us at Easy Rock Guitars and Music and bought a new Infernal Electric Guitar!!  It was so great meeting him!  Real musicians love to shop at Easy Rock Guitars & Music, but remember, you don't have to be a real musician to make great music with these guitars!  Come on by and we will show you why you should be a RockStar!!!!

It was great meeting you HighTimes!!!  Come and play on the stages with us anytime!!

HighTimes42028 getting ready to take the stage at Easy Rock!
Just message us on Facebook or IM us in world and let us show you the only guitars in SL that your avatar can really play real music on!!!

Can't wait to see you!!  Just click on the link below to visit us at the Main Store...


See you soon!!!

LisaMichelle1 & Orion Deezul

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Easy Rock Is Opening a New Location!!!!

Orion Deezul playing at our newest location!
Easy Rock Guitars & Music is opening a brand new satellite location!  This is a really fantastic spot in SL!  It is a perfect 2 story shop with a great selection of guitars and drums on the first floor and then upstairs there is a play room where you can come and put on some impromptu performances for your friends!  This place has such a great vibe and is such a comfortable area to come out and jam with your friends... 

Plus, we are SO CLOSE to launching our brand new Acoustic Guitar!!!  Our new guitar is absolutely amazing!  If you already know how to play the guitar, then you will love this version!!  And if you can't play, this guitar will allow your avatar to play the guitar and sound like a pro!  You can make real music and play real, recognizable songs!  Can't wait to show everyone at our huge launch party coming soon!  Watch Facebook and the blog for more information!!

In the meantime, here are some pics of our new location!  I will send out the SLurl just as soon as we are open for business!!  Can't wait to see everyone soon!

Orion Deezul performs for Jazz Glineaux and Lisa Michelle at the new location!

Orion Deezul, Owner & Lead Designer of Easy Rock Guitars & Music

In the meantime....come out and visit us anytime at our Main Store!  


Message us anytime on Facebook and let us know you're coming!!