Monday, January 30, 2012

Scripter, Builder, Artist and Rock Star!

This is Orion....he personally designs and builds all of the Easy Rock Guitars.  These guitars are the best in SL because you can really play them and they look so natural with your avatar.  Even if you can't play a guitar in RL, you will sound great playing these guitars.

Come and say hello at our new store!  Come hang out and try out all the guitars for free in a real concert setting.  Bring your friends.  Or simply shop from the SL marketplace at

Great Day at Easy Rock Guitars & Music!!!!!

OMG!!!!  Today was a great day!  We got so much work done on the new store!  We are open now for business!  We're still making some changes and additions along the way to our big Grand Opening Party, but you can stop in right now and shop til you drop our selection of guitars that you can really play!  Come by and check it out!  Log into Second Life and go to EASY ROCK GUITARS and MUSIC, da Vinci (37, 157, 973).  Or simply check out our selection of electric and acoustic guitars in the Second Life Marketplace!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

This is me playing my first electric guitar!  I love this changes colors as I play and the sound is amazing!  Can't play in RL but I can really jam in SL!  Can't wait for the new store to open!!  These guitars are so much fun.. We had four people at the old store today and we were having a blast all playing together.  Come on by the original location in Hunterland to check it out!

We are only a couple of weeks from opening our new mega-store!  Come and visit our current store open now in Hunterland.  (Located in SL at Easy Street and mall, Hunterland (210, 68, 29))  You will love these guitars!  Really easy to play and you can make real music!  Have fun impressing your friends and be the Rock Star you should be!  Just logon to SL and visit us at Easy Street Mall in Hunterland.  We're getting ready for our big Grand Opening of the new store soon!